To Promote Health & Help The Planet

Do you need some fresh ideas on how to make vegetables the stars of your plates?


Through the Forward Food South Asia initiative, food service professionals, chefs, dietitians, doctors, public health leaders, environmental organizations, and millions of individuals are getting together to create a healthier, more sustainable food system.



We’re preventing cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We’re tackling obesity by following the Three Rs – Reduce, Refine and Replace. By following a more humane diet, we’re reducing the risk of chronic diseases that plague us; while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and conserving our water resources.



Some have started with programs like Meatless Monday; and, others are focusing on meat reduction and promoting consumption of plant-based  diets through outreach programs.
The goal many are now setting? Over two years, reduce meat purchases by 20 percent through a greater emphasis on healthier plant-based foods. Together, we can help bring food forward.


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For a healthier and more sustainable food system.


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