K-12 schools

These K-12 compliant recipes, CACFP recipes, prepared products and cycle menus for K-12 schools are not only delicious, healthy, and USDA-compliant, they’ve also been tested for student approval. So yes, kids love them! Use this toolkit to help promote great food and learn more about free training for your school district!

Food Service

Here are some simple, mouthwatering recipes for food service that are so tasty no one will know they’re good for our bodies and are made with ingredients that are better for our environment. Download our Professional’s Guide to Meat-Free Meals for more ideas.

These toolkits for university foodservice professionalshealthcare food service professionals, and Meatless Monday provide strategies, solutions to common challenges, and an action plan for specific institutional settings.

100+ Recipes

Would you like plants to be the shining stars of your plates? Download over 100 plant strong recipes featuring grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits created by our classically trained chef, Wanda White.

There are also a number of individuals who are creating new and exciting food items, from gajar ka halwa to gluten free vegetable korma!

Vegan Richa, Holy Cow Vegan Recipes , Manjula’s Kitchen



Check out our 2020 Clean Cooking plant based webinar series here!

Plant based products

Looking for a one stop shop for both the classic and newest plant-based products? There are many selling it in India now. Try reaching out to Vezlay or Gooddot We got it here!


Promotional material

We can help you commercialize the plant based dishes in your restaurant. If you wish, we can promote your commitment with health and sustainability whether through internal marketing (like point of sale material, client incentives, personnel presentations like press releases. We are here to help. Contact us to receive brochures, postcards, posters or stickers and logos for FREE.

Hey, we’re all in this together so everything you see here is free of charge and free to be duplicated. Is there something you think is missing that would be helpful? Send us a note!


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