HSI India Participates in “World on a Plate”

HSI India Participates in “World on a Plate”
junio 18, 2019 admin

Humane Society International/India recently participated in the World on A Plate -an international food festival bringing together renowned chefs and culinary experts from across the globe on a single platform, in Bangalore, on June 1st – 2nd 2019. Held annually since 2016 in various cities in India, the WOAP is one of the most credible food festivals in the country.

HSI/India present as an exhibitor, successfully created awareness about the importance of the plant-based movement and responsible & ethical sourcing of animal-based ingredients in the food industry. Our campaigners were able to reach a large variety of audience, from world-class culinary experts, to amateur chefs looking to incorporate ethical practices in their kitchens. HSI/India campaigners engaged in numerous discussions with several well-known chefs who came to us to learn more about the movement. Posters depicting corporate commitments and other information were placed in the stand area. Several influential chefs showed their support and took photos at our stall; we encouraged them to share it on their social networks, which compounded our reach and created a buzz on social media. Most prominently, Michelin star chef – Marco Pierre White visited the HSI/India stall and participated in our outreach. We also had the chance to interact with families and other delegates who visited the stand, enquiring about the typical animal agriculture practices.

We also engaged with prominent restaurant owners, bakery and patisserie owners, and discussed opportunities to collaborate on carrying out plant-based workshops.

Following conversations with visiting delegates and chefs, we provided them with supporting information, handing out brochures, cage-free egg and plant-based product supplier information, and more, and offered our services to assist them in incorporating animal welfare standards within their food supply chains.

HSI/India’s involvement in this event enabled us to expand our network within the culinary world and generate more awareness about the growing plant-based trends and the cage free movement among culinary experts of the country.